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I build web & mobile apps for entrepreneurs


Hello! I'm Nathaniel Smithies 👋 I advise startups & my new company The Upstarters builds web & mobile apps. 

I was the founder of PlusGuidance the online therapy platform which was acquired in April 2017. I now use my expertise & experience to help startups grow. 




Idea to product launch in 4 weeks

The Upstarters is a software company that creates new and innovative products for startup founders and established businesses with new ideas. They also build premium websites for small businesses. I'm Chief Troublemaker @ The Upstarters and if you want a software product built by a great team, email us at [email protected]


Chief Growth Officer

I work with startups as an external Chief Growth Officer, working across the key activity areas that drive growth: Marketing, Sales, Product, Finance, Operations. 

Modern growth teams require a multi-disciplinary mix of skills working effectively together to find the quickest routes to revenue growth. I have strong experience and skills in all of the roles required for a growth team: marketing, product development, data analysis, engineering, corporate finance, corporate strategy; making me an ideal growth team leader.  

The first project I start with is turning your startup into a data-driven machine throughout the entire funnel and connecting it to your KPIs and financial model. This is a requirement to be a high-growth company. If you don't have a full picture of what's happening in your business you can't make the best decisions, and you will waste a huge amount of money on marketing efforts. 

Growth Hacking

Once your data and tracking systems are in place, I help your startup build a formal growth hacking process to find the fastest ways to achieve growth.

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across product development and marketing channels to identify the most effective & efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hacking requires engineers, product managers and marketers, all focusing on building and engaging the user base of a business. 

Many people know the success stories of AirBnB's integration into Craigslist or Dropbox's referral program. But finding 'one lucky hack' is not what growth hacking is; it's a scientific operational process that involves a team of people with many different skills, to find low cost ways to achieve rapid growth. If you want me to help your startup achieve high growth. Facebook me or email me and let's have a chat.


Co-Founder Service

If I join your team you are more likely to succeed. I have a huge number of skills that will help your startup to save thousands of pounds, save months of time, and grow revenue/users much faster.

I took my own company PlusGuidance from bedroom to boardroom, successfully getting it acquired in April 2017. Since then I’ve been helping other startups achieve more and be more successful.

The next sections describe some of the things I can help you with, but what I'll actually do is narrow down what the most important thing is that needs addressing in your startup, build a plan with you, and work on that. 

Facebook me or email me and let's have a chat.

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How I can help you

Strategy - Building a one page strategic plan, creating competitive differentiation, customer development, customer acquisition strategy, Lean Startup methodology, marketing strategy, business modelling.

Execution - Tracking qualitative and quantitative data, creating business systems, setting better KPIs, establishing company meeting rhythms, review decisions, process, creating milestones, operations planning. 

People - Creating culture and core values, creating a productive team, setting accountability of each function, creating a hiring plan, project management, helping your team work smarter not harder.

Cash - stopping you from running out of it! Raising investment, financial planning, pitch deck analysis, contingency planning, cash conversion cycle improvement, cash-flow analysis. 

Facebook me or email me and let's have a chat.